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Solar Electric Works Can Do It All!

Solar Electric Works – The solar company that can do any solar project, roof mount, ground mount, pergola with solar on top, seasonal tilt systems, battery back-up systems, off-grid solar systems. Why hire a roofing company to do your solar? Hire the company that can do it all!!

Doug of Oceanside searched long and hard for a company to install this specialized seasonal tilt system by MT Solar. After interviewing a number of companies, Doug hit a wall until he found us. Before talking to us, Doug was told by a number of companies that they would not be willing to attempt this type of installation. We decided to take on this project and prove once again that Solar Electric Works are true experts in this industry.  This seasonal tilt system is extremely versatile, and it can be tilted from a 55 degree tilt to flat! Not only does it tilt up and down, but the design also allows the system to be swiveled in any direction from east, south, west, and even north. This system is composed of 18 LG 360 watt panels , 1 SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter, 18 SolarEdge Optimizers, and 1 LG Chem Battery. Call us today to get a quote from the experts!

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