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San Diego Residential Solar Installation Can Work For You!

Discover the many benefits of solar energy for your home or business with a personal Solar Energy quote from Solar Electric Works.

Our residential solar San Diego services may lead to these benefits:

  • Reduce your electricity bill
  • Increase the property value of your home/business
  • Create energy to use
  • Receive ‘green’ tax relief from government programs
  • Be more environmentally friendly through sustainable energy

Save Money!

Electrical rates from SDG&E are on the rise again! By 2019 SDG&E will have moved almost all customers to Time-Of-Use billing. See our page on “How Electricity Is Sold In San Diego & Solar Energy Savings”to better understand what is time-of-use.

Get your residential solar system today! Getting Solar Panels has never been easier!San Diego Residential Solar Installation Appointment

Solar Panel Financing & Leasing Plans Available!

Loans for Solar Systems

Solar has never been easier! Along with cash sales, our customers have multiple types of financing available to them. We have loans from W.J. Bradley with 15 or 20-year terms.

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union Energy Efficiency & Solar Loans

Making energy-efficient improvements to your home is a great way to help conserve energy and reduce your monthly energy costs. METRO is making it easy by offering low rates on Solar and Energy Efficiency Loans.

Hero Program Registered Contractor

The Hero Program allows you to attach the price of a Solar Installation to your property tax. You pay for the Solar when you pay your property tax and the interest of the loan is tax-deductible! If you sell your home the remaining portion of the loan goes with it, just like a Melaruse. No minimum credit score is needed. Borrow as much as 10% of your home equity in one of the speediest loan processes for Solar!


financing-solar-panels San Diego Residential Solar Installation


Some of Our San Diego Residential Solar Installation Projects: