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San Diego Off-Grid Seasonal Tilt Solar System

How do San Diego off-grid seasonal tilt solar installations work? As the sun moves up and down in the southern sky as the seasons change, the output of solar panels change with the angle of the sun. Solar panels produce the most energy when the sunlight is hitting them directly. Therefore if you change the mounting angle of the panels to follow the seasons in your area, your system will produce energy at the maximum potential for each season. Every season, you tilt the solar panels so they can capture the most energy possible

It is true that dual access tracking which also follows the movement of the sun across the sky as it travels each day is the best form of tracking. But we have found that this type of tracking is cost-prohibitive for small residential systems. Seasonal tracking if done consistently produces between 15% to 25% more energy compared to a standard fixed array.

We have designed and installed a number of types of manual adjustable seasonal tilt tracking systems for residential applications. Below are pictures of a few of our recent San Diego off-grid seasonal tilt solar installation projects. Please contact us for a custom design for your application.

San Diego Off-Grid Seasonal Tilt Solar Projects we Completed (click photo to enlarge)

Seasonal Tilt Solar panels

Off-Grid Seasonal Tilt Installed in 2010, Photo taken in 2016. Underneath solar array

Off-San Diego Seasonal Tilt Solar

6,900 STC-DC Watt off-grid seasonal tilt solar system – Fallbrook, CA

San Diego Off-Grid Seasonal Tilt Solar

18 LG 360 Panels on Seasonal Tilt

San Diego Off-Grid Seasonal Tilt Solar

Side View



Solar Electric Works

A seasonal tilt at the top of Palomar Mountian during winter.

Solar Electric Works

Adjustable racking system from “0” to “55” degrees


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