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San Diego Ground Mounted Solar Systems

San Diego ground mounted solar panels are perfect for homes and business which don’t have an “ideal” roof. An ideal roof has these features:

  • roof is pointed towards the south to maximize exposure to sunlight,
  • roof is angled so that the roof is perpendicular to the sun rays,
  • roof has no chimneys or skylights, and
  • roff is large enough to generate enough energy for your needs.

If the roof of your home or business does not have the above characteristics, then a ground-mounted solar San Diego system is perfect for you. Ground-mounted solar panel systems are easier to install, maintain, and clean because you do not need to climb onto the roof.

Types of Ground-Mounted Systems

There are two types of ground-mounted solar systems.

Standard Ground Mounts: These solar panels are mounted on a metal frame that is driven into the ground. Some standard ground mounts can be adjusted seasonally so the solar panels are angled to maximize sun absorption.

Pole Mounts: Solar panels are mounted on a single pole and they are usually installed higher than those of Standard Ground Mounts. Pole mounts often have automatic tracking so the panels will tilt to optimize sunlight absorption throughout the day. The solar panels can be attached with a single-axis or dual-axis tilt system. Single axis will tilt the panels in one axis and follows the sun from east to west. Dual-axis systems will move east to west and tilt north to south to accommodate the seasonal changes in the sun’s position.

Ground Mounted Solar Systems we have Installed (click photo to enlarge)

San Diego Ground Mounted Solar

Solar Electric Works is proud to be awarded an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. With 30 years experience in the industry, we are convinced that we can set up your San Diego Ground mounted solar system and help you save money and save the planet by using a renewable energy source. Call us at: (760) 407-0500.

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