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San Diego County Solar Financing

Residential San Diego County Solar Financing

San Diego County Solar FinancingLoans

Getting Solar Panels has never been easier! Along with cash sales, our customers have multiple types of financing available to them. We have loans from W.J. Bradley with 15 or 20-year terms and San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union. Combined with your 30% federal tax credit, this makes a great fit for many. Get more info here.


San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union Energy Efficiency & Solar Loans

Making energy-efficient improvements to your home is a great way to help conserve energy and reduce your monthly energy costs. METRO is making it easy by offering low rates on Solar and Energy Efficiency Loans. Whether it’s new energy-efficient windows or a Solar Photovoltaic System that you’re interested in, METRO is here to help!

Visit and apply at San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union



Now available in Vista, San Marcos, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Escondido, San Diego, and Solana Beach!San Diego County Solar Financing Hero-Program logo

The Hero Program allows you to attach the price of a Solar Installation to your property tax. You pay for the Solar when you pay your property tax and the interest of the loan is tax-deductible! If you sell your home the remaining portion of the loan goes with it, just like a Melaruse. No minimum credit score is needed. Borrow as much as 10% of your home equity in one of the speediest loan processes for Solar!

See if your home qualifies! 

California First Energy Savings Financing

Available in Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, Solana Beach, San Marcos, Chula Vista and many more! 

California First Energy Saving Financing allows you to borrow up to 15% of your property’s value.
The financed amouCA Firstnt won’t impact your credit and the interest is tax-deductible. Quick and easy paperless process. Longer and flexible repayment terms 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years. Balance is transferable to the new owner upon the sale of your property. No out-of-pocket costs and competitive interest rates. Call us to find out if your home is in a participating county!

Get more info here!


Figtree PACE Commercial Financingbg-logo

Figtree PACE Financing allows up to 20% of a property’s value to be financed for energy efficiency, renewable energy, or water conservation upgrades. The financing creates an assessment lien on the property and is repaid as semi-annual installments on the property tax bill.

Figtree PACE Financing is no money down, long term (up to 20 years), with fixed low-interest rates.


Ygrene Works – Commercial and Residential Financing

Ygrene Energy Fund is a leading provider of clean energy financing for residential a
imagesnd commercial properties throughout the United States. The award winning, privately funded YgreneWorksTM program provides immediately accessible financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation and, in certain areas, hurricane protection, electric vehicle charging stations and seismic upgrades.


Kina’ole CapitalSan Diego County Solar Financing

Kina’ole Capital Partners is a solar finance company dedicated to offering low-cost, solar energy that saves our customers money while contributing to our country’s shift to clean, renewable energy.

Call us now for a San Diego County Solar Financing appointment! (760)-407-0500


Commercial San Diego County Solar Financing

Commercial solar financing is available. Some types of commercial financing are; 7-year equipment lease or a bank loan. Combined with the 30% federal tax credit and the 5.5 years accelerated depreciation allowed by the federal government for commercial solar systems, this makes a great investment. Please call us so we can help you see how this can be a great move for your company. Solar can be a positive cash flow from the first day.

Solar systems save you from increasing rates!

Electrical rates from SDG&E is on the rise again! In September 2013 SDG&E rates are going up about 25% for customers using electricity in tiers 3 and 4. You can check out their new rates at

Over the past 35 years, SDG&E rates have increased on an average of 6 to 8 % percent a year. But the gradual increase is over and the big utility companies are now going for larger increases to satisfy their stockholders. Where is it all going to stop? Install solar and produce your own electricity! The return on your investment is better than it has ever been!


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