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North County San Diego Solar Energy Services

How Solar Works

North County San Diego Solar Energy Services: Solar Photovoltaic Panels create electricity from sunlight. This helps our environment. Photovoltaic cells turn sunlight into direct current electricity. An inverter converts the DC electricity into AC Alternating Electricity which is what our homes and businesses use.

When you have what’s called a grid tied solar system and you are using less than what you are producing, the power your system generates turns your meter backwards giving you a credit with the electrical utility company. When you are using more power than your system is producing ( as in the night time ) you draw electricity from the main electrical power grid, running your meter forwards. If your system is designed to shed your entire yearly load, over the course of a year the electrical bill will be zero. If your system was designed to shed only the most costly portion of your electrical consumption, you pay only for the electricity you used that your system couldn’t produce. The utility company bills you annually.

san diego solar energy services

Now Is the Time For North County San Diego Solar Energy Services

The world is changing, we are becoming more in tune to what we are consuming. With that we are more aware of our environmental impact and carbon footprint. Now is the time for renewable energy. Now is the time to stop our need for oil. We owe it to ourselves and to our children. The sun’s energy is free to us and it does not pollute the earth. Now is the time for renewable solar energy!

30% Federal tax credit!

The law was changed. You can now deduct 30 % of the cost of your residential solar photovoltaic system from the federal income tax that you owe. This credit is available for all solar installations until December 31st 2016. After that time the tax credit is decreased to 10% There is currently no California State rebates for residential solar installations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity request a Solar Quote today!

Solar Panel Financing Available!

financing-solar-panelsSolar has never been easier! Along with cash sales, our customers have multiple types of financing available to them. We have loans from W.J. Bradley with 15 or 20 year terms. We are a registered contractor with the Hero Program for all energy efficient upgrades. And offer financing through the San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union. Please call us regarding our San Diego Solar Energy services and financing at: (760) 407-0500.

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