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Our new 155.8 kW commercial solar project

Lifting solar panels to roof

Crane lift

We were working on a 155.8 kW commercial solar system for the Little Sister’s Truck Wash in Hesperia California. Pictures and a video will be loaded to our site in a few weeks. This project is going to have 663- 235 watt AUO Solar panels with one 100 kW and one 35 KW PV Powered inverters. Stay tuned for the latest!

New Wind Turbine – 1000 watt

Wind Turbine 1000 watt in Oceanside

Wind Turbine 1000 watt in Oceanside

Check out our new wind turbine installation in Oceanside California. It is a 1000 watt wind turbine by Wind Electric installation into a existing battery back-up solar system that we installed last year. The wind provides power at night when the sun is not shining and really helps out great in windy winter nights and days.

Check out our new commercial installation

Combiner Box Solar Instillation 800

Combiner Box Solar Installation 800

Check out our new commercial solar installation for Little Sister’s Truck Wash, in Bartsow, CA.

This system was designed to produce around 250,000 kilowatt hours annually.

On it’s first day of production, 2-17-11  the system produced 675 kW hours.

You can view the live installation on our website, titled “Little Sister’s Truck Wash”.

Vista Resident Gets 5x His Monthly Power

After about a year and a half of considering solar energy, and talking to several contractors, I had Mark Gipe come over to my house to evaluate a possible installation.

After spending over 2 hours patiently answering my questions I requested that he give me a quote. His quote was very competitive, and I awarded him the job. He ordered all of the materials, took care of the permits, and met with SDG&E for the final sell off.

My 3.65 KW system was installed in 2 days.

Even though I am conservative in my use of energy I have found that my PV system is currently generating 25KWH per day. Based on an average of 30 days per month my system will generate about 5x my monthly usage. It was installed at the end of June, and it is now July so winter production will be less. However, for the time being, power is being pumped into the grid.

I feel Mark answered my questions honestly, and he even told me if it was him he would not install a system because of my low energy usage. So he was not just trying to make a sale. He was always courteous, responsive, punctual, and his crew cleaned up after each work day.

I would highly recommend him as a licensed contractor to install your system. If you would like to talk to me he can give you my phone number, and I will spend a few minutes discussing your questions.


Thomas J. Klein

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