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Those who aren’t very familiar about solar often ask the question, will my solar panels work when it rains? Or in this case, will they work when it snows? Our answer to this question is YES! Though not as efficient as when the sun is out and it is nice and bright.

Fallbrook Propane Has Officially Gone Solar


Fallbrook Propane, like Solar Electric Works, is a local company that came to us for their solar/ alternative energy needs after we had installed 4 of their family members homes. This shows that they trust us to get the job done right! This also shows that they kept coming back due to the fact that we kept on providing high quality installations.


Non penetrating ballast system. This type of system is used when there is no desire to penetrate the roof

Non penetrating ballast system. This type of system is used when there is no desire to penetrate the roof




Fallbrook Propane has two buildings. On one building roof penetrations and leaks were a big concern for our client. Therefore we used a Ballast system which is shown to the right. One big advantage to using this system is that if the roof needs to be re-roofed, then you can easily remove the system and reinstall it when the roof repair is complete.




18- Hyundai Solar Panels 350 Watt installed as a mono-lift  

The second building that we installed solar panels on for Fallbrook Propane was a storage facility that had a roof that was nearly flat.

Therefore we decided that the best application for the panels would be to install them as a mono-lift facing south which is shown on the left.


We are proud to announce that Fallbrook Propane has gone solar and is 100% satisfied with what we have done for their business.

IDAFAB Engineering – Off Grid Solar System Complete!

img_3920Shown to the left are 2-8,000watt Outback inverters with a 1,720 amp hour battery set at 48 volts, along with 5 Outback Flexmax chargers. Below is a side view of the 3 seasonal tilt solar arrays.










There are a lot of companies out there that can jump on your roof and throw down a few panels, but they do not understand the full range of solar opportunities in order to design for you a tailored system to meet your individual needs. Should you use a string inverter, micro inverters, optimizers? Do you need a roof mounted system, or a ground mounted system, or a seasonal tilt system? What options are best for you?

Idafab Engineering knew that they wanted to be off-grid. The chose Solar Electric Works to guide them.

True Renewable Energy For IDAFAB Engineering – Off Grid Battery Back Up


We are very excited to show you our most recent OFF-GRID BACK UP BATTERY SOLAR SYSTEM. This system is in San Diego County near very top of Mount Palomar, about 6,000 ft above sea level. Our client searched high and low for a company that had the knowledge, skills, and expertise to design, engineer, permit, and install this type of system.







The system itself is 17,280 DC watts that feed into 2 8,000watt Outback inverters with a 1720 amp hour battery set at 48 volts.

We will keep you updated and post more pics when the job is done showing the seasonal tilt mechanism of the system along with the battery set and inverters.


Carport Design

Carport option - Designed by Solar Electric Works

Carport option – Designed by Solar Electric Works

If your looking for a carport option, then look no further.

To the right is an option that we designed. It doesn’t look

as fancy as some of the carport options that are out there,

but it is a lot less money. Basically for the cost of a typical

ground mount solar array, we can install a solar carport which not

only creates electricity but provides shade for your car.

The Del Mar Home and Garden show

IMG_3044 (1)

Its almost finally here!! The Del Mar Home and Garden show starts tomorrow from 11-6, Sat will be 10-6, and Sun 10-5. We are booth #702 at the northeast part of the showroom.

Why lease your solar system when you can own it? Stop by and let us show you how the sun can take care of your energy needs!!

Del Mar Spring Home Show

lego pic
Come and see our Solar Lego House at the Del Mar fair grounds Spring Home Show this coming weekend, March 4th-6th.
Yes those solar panels really work! They are running the LED lights inside the house.
We are Solar Electric Works! We are looking forward to meeting you! We are booth #702!

Vivian's Furniture In Escondido

Vivian’s Furniture In Escondido

Charlie, the owner of Vivian’s Furniture was very concerned about putting solar on the flat roof of their store, because another solar company had installed solar on his home and afterwards his roof leaked. Therefore we designed a ballasted system for their flat roof that require NO PENETRATIONS! Charlie was very happy and whenever he does need any roof repair, the panels can be easily moved. Repair can be made and panels can be moved back.


Vivian s Quality Furniture   Google Maps

Creative and Unique Solar System

Trellis design in Fallbrook

Trellis design in Fallbrook

We were called by an architect who was building a very unique house in Fallbrook. At first we thought we should install what we call a “monolift” solar installation. A monolift is when all of the panels are on the same plane and they completely cover the area over the trellis. The owner suggested that we install them in rows with space in between the rows. At first we did not think this would look good. However, we decided to put our thinking cap on and came up with a way to hide all of the wiring. Now after the install we are quite pleased with the finish product. Each of the LG315Watt solar panels have a power optimizer by SolarEdge Technologies. The system is very modern looking and unique. The architect/homeowner loves it!

New Enphase inverter projects

Rack on north side of roof

Rack with Enphase inverters

We have just installed two new solar systems in Spring Valley San Diego using 250 watt Phono Solar panels and 215 watt Enphase inverters. Check out the pictures. We used Enphase inverters because of the shading and the many different directions the panels were facing. One of the arrays we installed on the north side of the house and made a rack to tilt it south 5 degrees.

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