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Off-Grid Seasonal Tilt By Outback Power & MT Solar

Off-Grid Solar with Solar Electric Works. We believe Outback Power is one of the best solutions to achieving independence from the grid/utilities. The picture on the right shows 16 – 300 watt SolarWorld panels on a Seasonal-Tilt array by MT Solar. The panels are wired into an Outback Power 8048 Inverter with 2 Outback Charge Controllers.

The Chargers charge a battery bank (shown below) that is made up of 24 – 2 volt US deep cycle batteries, which will give out 1,100 amp hours.

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Solar Electric Works Can Do It All!

Solar Electric Works – The solar company that can do any solar project, roof mount, ground mount, pergola with solar on top, seasonal tilt systems, battery back-up systems, off-grid solar systems. Why hire a roofing company to do your solar? Hire the company that can do it all!!

Doug of Oceanside searched long and hard for a company to install this specialized seasonal tilt system by MT Solar. After interviewing a number of companies, Doug hit a wall until he found us. Before talking to us, Doug was told by a number of companies that they would not be willing to attempt this type of installation. We decided to take on this project and prove once again that Solar Electric Works are true experts in this industry.  This seasonal tilt system is extremely versatile, and it can be tilted from a 55 degree tilt to flat! Not only does it tilt up and down, but the design also allows the system to be swiveled in any direction from east, south, west, and even north. This system is composed of 18 LG 360 watt panels , 1 SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter, 18 SolarEdge Optimizers, and 1 LG Chem Battery. Call us today to get a quote from the experts!

Homeowner Chooses LG And SolarEdge For A Custom Built Pergola – Update

LG Chem has launched its residential battery system in the North American market with a high-voltage 400V version. Solar Electric Works is proud to be one of the first to install this StorEdge system with 2 LG Chem Batteries! This system serves to offset peak hours when the utilities are charging you more for your electricity. It also serves as back up power for critical loads, like the fridge or tv, in the event of a power outage. 

Homeowner Chooses LG And SolarEdge For A Custom Built Pergola

Here at Solar Electric Works, we can build you a custom pergola. This is an innovative solar solution.  LG 355 watt solar panels are mounted on this pergola to create shade as well as DC electricity. Each LG panel is equipped with a SolarEdge Optimizer, which enhances the production of each panel, and enables individual monitoring of each panel. SolarEdge inverters convert DC electricity into AC electricity.

This project is still under construction. Follow up on this blog to see the installation of the 2 LG Chem Batteries paired with the SolarEdge 7.6kWatt StoreEdge inverter.

Best Time Ever to Buy Solar!!

IMG_2818Have you considered going solar in the past? Were you turned off by pushy sales person? Did you not like your return on investment of 8+ years? Maybe you thought to yourself, “I could never afford to go solar.”

Well if your electric bill is more than $125, you can’t afford to wait any longer!! We are not annoying sales people. We do not believe in pushing clients in order to make a quick buck. Most of our clients start saving money from day 1 of going solar! We believe that if you do not have a 5 year return on investment that you should not do it!

So call us today! (760)407-0500 to schedule an appoint and see how much you could be saving!!!



IMG_4354This patio cover was installed for a client of ours whose balcony was unusable to them due to the heat and lack of shade. This person desired to be outside and enjoy the amazing San Diego summer evenings. Now they can! Another bonus was the outrageously low cost of this particular patio cover or canopy. This design here is one of the most COST EFFECTIVE ways to have the all in one package of solar with a patio cover!

StorEdge™ Solution with Backup By SolarEdge

SolarEdge is Releasing High Power StorEdge Inverter with additional battery support

The High Power StorEdge inverter will support  Tesla’s Powerwall 2 and LG’s RESU10H*  batteries, as well as two Tesla Powerwall 1 (type E) or Powerwall 2 batteries for high power. The new batteries will only be compatible with SolarEdge’s High Power StorEdge inverter (part number SE7600A-USS2xxxxxx) and not with earlier versions of the StorEdge inverter.

A free inverter firmware upgrade is required to support the high power batteries and configurations. Information about the firmware version can be found in the product release notes and will be available, along with the firmware upgrade file, in the StorEdge Firmware Upgrade page.

*The current high voltage RESU batteries sold by LG Chem are not compatible with SolarEdge; LG Chem will sell a different variation that will be compatible with SolarEdge.

The SolarEdge StorEdge Solution

SolarEdge’s StorEdge DC coupled storage solution automatically provides homeowners with backup power in case of grid interruption, and allows home owners to maximize self-consumption for maximum energy independence. Unused PV power is stored in a battery and used during a power outage or when PV production is insufficient. When there is a power outage, a combination of PV and battery is used to power important loads such as the refrigerator, TV, lights and AC outlets, day or night. The solution is based on a single inverter for PV, storage and backup power.



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